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Our Mission & Vision


"To become Bayside's premium choice for Holistic Health Care that provides ethical, professional and caring attention to the whole individual.


Our aim is to assist each client in balancing their physical, mental and emotional well being using Natural Therapies to enhance their quality of life."


We are pleased that you have chosen Inner Essence Natural Therapiesto let us help you achieve the level of health that you want in your life. Many times clients come to us with chronic or severe problems that the typical medical community refuses to acknowledge. In many cases the clients have been given drugs to dull the symptoms without ever truly evaluating and solving the root cause. At Inner Essence, we coach and guide people toward ways of being that will help them reach optimal health and maximize their potential. We are committed to educating people about the link between life choices and health and help them overcome obstacles, which prevent this necessary balance from happening.




Our mission at the Inner Essence Natural Therapies is to :-

  • Provide the highest quality holistic health care to our clients and patients.
  • To respectfully & compassionately support each patient as an individual, wherever he or she may be in their own personal healing journey.
  • Provide services that are time efficient, effective, affordable and assessable to all, independent of their age, sex, culture, education, income, philosophy and level of health.
  • Committed to treating the whole person, we recognize the interdependence of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Provide nontoxic approaches to therapies with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and optimizing wellness. We do not make use of synthetic or inorganic vitamins or minerals, or of drugs, narcotics, surgery, serums, vaccines, anti-toxins, infections and inoculations.
  • Provides for the prevention of disease and the preservation of health by teaching the basic fundamental laws of natural living and the application of daily life.
  • Acknowledges that each individual has the right of choice and self-determination.




The Staff at Inner Essence pledge to provide the most state-of-the-art, updated, professional and most complete Preventive Health Care Services available. Our team offers many non-invasive diagnostic tests to determine the cause of your health concerns and the natural health practitioners offer comprehensive health appraisal questionnaires before the consultation even begins.


We constantly seek to expand our knowledge and skills and our ability to share them more effectively with our clients and communities. We innovate continuously and remain leaders in integrated healthcare.



We look forward to helping you on your journey back to Good Health!