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Following OUR detoxification program can be one of the most
effective tools for rapidly improving your health


People become toxic for a number of reasons including poor diet, poor elimination of waste (e.g. constipation) exposure to harmful environmental chemicals including pesticides, pollution and toxic metals. Normally your liver will attempt to deal with these toxins however it often needs a helping hand. Successful detoxification requires correct food choices and some persistence on your behalf. I am here to help you with these dietary changes and where appropriate, suggest supplements to aid the process.





Today our bodies are exposed to more and more toxic substances - in the food we eat, the air we breath, water we drink and materials which we surround ourselves (clothing, building materials, carpeting etc). In addition we produce a number of toxins within our bodies in the process of digestion and elimination. My professionally designed detoxification programs clear the body of toxins which have accumulated over time and overloaded the systems, as quickly & safely as possible.


Benefits of My Naturopathic Detoxification Program

  • Increase vitality and energy
  • Improved metabolism which stimulates weight loss
  • Feeling of wellbeing and lightness
  • Clear glowing skin
  • Hormonal Balancing Increases the body's ability to fight illness and disease




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What does it include?

  • A tailored Naturopathic diagnosis to support your whole body's needs and prepare you properly before you Detox.
  • Eating plans and access to "Detox" friendly recipes.
  • Assessment of your current diet.
  • Herbal and nutritional support required during your Detox.
  • Naturopathic consultations where your specific health and Detox needs will be determined.
  • Comprehensive Additional Health Testing includes Magnagraph, Body Composition Analysis, Biological Age and Zinc Test
  • Life after Detox? You will receive personal guidance to help bring your renewed sense of vitality through into the future!
  • Tips for Staying On Track


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