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Following OUR detoxification program can be one of the most
effective tools for rapidly improving your health


People become toxic for a number of reasons including poor diet, poor elimination of waste (e.g. constipation) exposure to harmful environmental chemicals including pesticides, pollution and toxic metals. Normally your liver will attempt to deal with these toxins however it often needs a helping hand. Successful detoxification requires correct food choices and some persistence on your behalf. I am here to help you with these dietary changes and where appropriate, suggest supplements to aid the process.



What is the safest way to remove toxins?

Most people with toxicity develop a problem called "leaky-gut syndrome". In a healthy digestive system, the lining of the digestive system is a very good filter, allowing beneficial nutrients like vitamins and amino acids to pass into the bloodstream, while keeping toxic bacteria and waste products within the bowel for excretion.


This filter is easily damaged by infection, medications and toxic bacteria, which then leads to the unregulated transport of large quantities of partially digested foods and bacteria into the body. Some of this debris is transported to the liver where it then has to be processed and removed.


This places a tremendous stress on the liver, and eventually a percentage of this material escapes capture by the liver and it ends up entering the general circulation, where it can lead to many of the symptoms of toxicity. As a result, "leaky gut syndrome" results in a great deal of stress upon the immune system, the liver and virtually every other organ or system of the body.


This means that you can not successfully detoxify the body (or cleanse the liver) without having treated the digestive system and repaired the lining of the gut. This is like replacing the oil in your car without replacing the filter; the oil is going to be ruined very quickly.