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Would you like a better understanding of where your body's strengths & weaknesses are?


Do you want to know what state your health is currently in and what areas may be of cause for concern in the future ?



The Health Appraisal Questionaire (HAQ) is an excellent tool for systematically analysing the whole body to provide indications of disease states and degenerative conditions. It requires you to fill out a comprehensive and detailed questionnaire covering all aspects of your personal health. All information is treated with the strictest confidentiality.


Your answers are then analysed and graphed to allow easy compilation and interpretation of your results. This provides information on specific organ systems allowing me, Mick Jordan to obtain a very clear understanding of your health. This can then be used to formulate highly effective - and individualised - treatment plans.



Click on the link below and fill in your Free Comprehensive Health Appraisal Questionaire
BUT read the instructions below first! -

  • To access the HAQ online you will be required to enter the practitioner member number 37633
  • On completion, please email our Senior Naturopath, Mick Jordan at
  • To access the HAQ online click here.