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Food, Diets and Nutrition


You know that old saying 'you are what you eat?' Well, it is true. At Inner Essence, we believe that you cannot be healthy unless you have a healthy diet. As such, our naturopathy treatments focus mainly on dietary change. We can show you how making simple changes in your diet and lifestyle can improve your health, perhaps even dramatically. We may also recommend nutritional supplements to help your body get the most from what you eat.


"...If you are what you eat then most people must be Cheap, Fast and Easy..."








The human body does the best it can with whatever we put into it. Of course, we must also realise that our bodies differ significantly from person to person. Some people eat junk foods for years and appear to thrive on them. We say "Gee, he has a cast iron stomach". There are others who feel ill after consuming a single soft drink. Eventually, however, a habit of eating the wrong foods will catch up with anyone. Poor eating habits are not the only cause of ill-health; but to restore and maintain health, good food, organic if possible, properly grown, properly prepared and balanced is absolutely necessary.


A growing number of people are benefiting from a natural foods diet. Such a nutrition plan can help cure acute and chronic illnesses and play an enormous part in preventing future illnesses. The goal is not to develop a strict or "perfect" diet, but to develop a relaxed and varied, yet healthy diet. It is much easier for most people to change their diet over time at a comfortable pace. It is also important to not obsess constantly about improving your diet and to not beat yourself up if you don't have a "perfect" diet. There are cases where a very strict diet may be indicated.



If diet is well balanced are extra vitamins needed?

Many nutritionalist's say that a well balanced diets should provide you with all the nutrients needed. Balanced diet is a myth as pollution, stress, soil nutrient depletion and environmental toxins place a huge demand on our resources and balanced diets will not always satisfy all nutritional requirements. Food storage and processing significantly depletes foods of their vital nutrient properties. There is now a lot of evidence that demonstrates that taking vitamin supplements boost immune system, enhance vitality and optimise brain power. Nutrients also provide protection against diseases of ageing such as cancer and heart disease, particularly the antioxidants such as vitamins C, E Beta-carotene, and the mineral selenium.


Vitamins are organic substances necessary for life, which the body uses for essential body functions. Generally, the body cannot manufacture vitamins, so it must get them from food or supplements. While the body can live without a constant supply of all the vitamins, for optimal health all are necessary.



We do not need to take supplements if:


  • The food you eat is organically grown in mineral and nutrient rich soil.
  • The food you eat was mature and ripened on the vines, plants or trees.
  • The food is consumed within a few days of harvesting.
  • You eat a wide variety of foods, mostly fresh and raw.
  • You do not eat processed, deep fried junk food or candy.
  • You drink at least eight cups of pure water daily.
  • You are not being exposed to chemicals in food, air or water.
  • You have only occasional stress.
  • You get adequate rest in clean fresh air.
  • You re not exposed to electromagnetic emissions from appliances, TV, etc.
  • Your body is not exposed to mercury, lead, aluminum or other heavy metals.
  • You fast or detoxify your body, liver and colon at least twice a year.


If those 12 points describe your lifestyle, then there is no need for you to take supplements.
Let's be honest - who in this world today lives such a lifestyle?