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Weight Loss with a PASSION


weight loss



Have you heard yourself using one of these lines lately?

  • "I've tried every diet and nothing works"
  • "I lose a bit of weight but can't seem to get the rest off".
  • "I start losing weight but it's just too hard".
  • "I exercise and eat well but it doesn't work".
  • "As I get older, I put on more and more weight. Why?"
  • "I used to be thin and happy"
  • "I just can't seem to shift my baby weight"
weight loss


If the answer is yes then you're not alone. Many people experience this
every day and we are here to help.



Melt The Fat Away and Keep It Off


At Inner Essence, we use tried and tested techniques in conjunction with scientific diagnostics to find the health and weight loss solution for you now and into the future.



weight loss


Not only will you have a healthier, slimmer and younger looking body, you will experience the added benefits of an abundance of energy, better sleep, reduced risk of life threatening conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer elevated cholesterol and much much more.


We believe that our program is one of the most comprehensive weight loss programs available and we are determined to get you to your goal weight as quickly and safely as possible.








If you want outstanding results you need OUR outstanding program



This is not just your average weight loss program. Your Naturopath knows all there is to know about weight loss. They have studied over 500 hours of medical science to understand what your body needs to be in balance and healthy and why you struggle to lose and maintain your weight. ALL YOU SIMPLY NEED TO DO IS FOLLOW OUR STEPS TO SUCCESS. Other weight loss programs focus on just losing the weight, this includes muscle and fluid which is be detrimental to your health. Our program focuses on burning pure fat and building and maintaining your muscle mass. This will help you to burn fat quickly and easily and maintain a healthy hydrated body without retaining unnecessary fluid.


With the support and guidance from your Naturopath, you are given all the information and professional advice to not only lose the extras kilos but to reach the optimum level of health needed to live your life with boundless energy, vitality and happiness.



Will You Spend Another Year Hiding In the Shadows Whilst Everyone Else Has Fun and Enjoys Their Life?



Finally achieve the body you desire without harmful drugs, with enough to eat, without exercising 24/7 and with your own personal support team to help you reach your goals.


weight loss





Read On If You Want To Look Hot, Feel Fantastic and Live Life Like You've Never Lived Before



At Inner Essence we are passionate about your health. This is why we have named our weight loss package 'Weight Loss With a Passion'. Our promise to you is that we will provide you with state of the art health care and up to date information so that you can understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We promise to be as passionate about your health as you are and guide you in the direction of great health and happiness.


weight loss



Includes :

  • 12 consultations with our Naturopath
    These appointments include all initial and ongoing testing to monitor your body's progress, giving your naturopath all the information needed to tailor the program to you needs. The consults also give you the professional support needed to stay motivated and on track to MAKE IT EASY for you to reach your fat loss goal. The consults vary in duration throughout the program from 1 hour for the initial to 15 and 30 min appointments throughout the program. VALUE $715.00

  • Starter pack
    Consists of supplements to get you losing weight instantly and help maintain a healthy rate of fat loss. The beauty of the Martin Street Wellbeing program is that we bring together what we believe to be the best of supplements available, providing your body with everything it needs for easy fat blasting. Other programs only use their own or exclusive brands without you knowing what's in them. Your naturopath will explain every supplement they prescribe for you and why they believe you need it.

    The program incorporates at least one convenient meal replacement per day. Meal replacements and snacks for the first week are included in our starter pack, which will give you a taste of the fantastic products available and give you the opportunity to see how they fit into your lifestyle. This allows you to make your choices for the following weeks. VALUE $247.20

    Bonuses (included in the package at no extra cost)

  • Magnetic Weekly planner for the fridge with marker (Plan for Success).
  • Weekly Food diary to help keep you on track.
  • Program information booklet.
  • Recipe booklet.
  • Discount vouchers for various services to help you reach your goal. - Weekly motivational information.
  • Shopping list - Weekly affirmations
  • 3 x EBooks and 5 x CDs (all to help you reach your goals easily)
  • Also includes unlimited personal support from your Naturopath, via email for any questions in between appointments (even if it's on the weekends!!!) - 10% OFF supplements and Shake It products for the duration of the 12 week program. VALUE $ 357.00 plus


weight loss


weight loss guarentee



Step into the light with a slimmer, healthier, sexier body. Why wait until summer is upon us - The time is NOW